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Stay behind to watch over all... Take responsibility... All workers, visitors, equipment, the plant, documents, factory, company and the environment at large are in your care. Its the safety risk of we safety officers.. Meanwhile you need to show that you are multi-faceted by joining hands with what other professionals in your company does. This is what is expected of safety professionals
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Qodar Safety Consults.... At your service Always... We deliver various In-Company trainings on various health and safety related courses, effective management courses such as psychological safety, mental well-being, coping techniques, active listening, among others. We have been tested and trusted by one of the most Industrious financial institution in Nigeria.
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We are young and capable. We are affordable... And our trainings are highly efficient and effective on the total workforce. A trial will surely lead to a permanent engagement... We look forward to having us in your organization.
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Which ISO Certification Course should i go for?

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Which ISO Certification Course should i go for?

When implementing and maintaining a management system, it becomes very important to ensure that you have acquired adequate knowledge of the standard to ensure success.

It does not matter if you are considering ISO 27001 for information security, ISO 9001 for quality management, ISO 13485 for medical devices, ISO 45001 for occupational health & safety, or ISO 14001 for environmental management, gaining the necessary knowledge about the standard requirements is an important first step to implementing. However, it can be difficult to pick the right course.

Here is a simple breakdown of the series of ISO courses you can take.

1. Foundations course – Do you just need to understand the basics of the ISO standard? Then the foundations course might be what you want. This course becomes invaluable if you will have expert assistance for your implementation, but need to have a good overall understanding of the requirements. For instance, if you will have a consultant, but want to know what to do when they are done, then an overall understanding of the ISO standard could be enough knowledge.
2. Internal auditor course – All management systems include a process for your organization to perform an audit of your processes internally to your organization to confirm for yourself that your processes are happening as you planned them to. If you will be one of the internal auditors who will perform these process audits, then this course will help you to understand not only the requirements of the standard, but also the requirements of how to perform a process audit to confirm conformity and find opportunities for improvement in your organization.
3. Lead implementer course – The main person in charge of implementing the management system needs more than just a passing understanding of the standard requirements. If this will be you, then the lead implementer course will give you a more in-depth knowledge of what the standard requires, as well as knowledge of how to implement the requirements at your organization with practical tools to help. If you are going to be a consultant for others, this course is also an invaluable tool, with certification an option to demonstrate your competence.
4. Lead auditor course – With the ISO management system standard, many companies will choose to apply for certification as an independent method to demonstrate their compliance with the standard. This process is done by auditors from a third-party, independent certification body who will confirm that the processes you have implemented meet the requirements of the ISO standard. The auditors who will perform these audits need to pass the examination for lead auditor certification. If you are performing internal audits for a company, this training can also be beneficial, as it allows you to understand the training taken by the certification auditors.

Remember, when picking the training, you should first think about how you will apply the knowledge to ensure you choose the most suitable training for your current or future role. You don’t want to finish training only to find that how you are intended to apply your newfound skills is incompatible with the knowledge gained, as you may then need to re-take additional training for the new role. Choose the right training from the start, and you can be better assured that your utilization of the knowledge will be better applied, and your management system implementation will be easier.

At Qodar Safety Consults, we run discounts for the Intergrated Management ISO Lead Auditor Course.

Kindly click on the link below to register.

We also offer courses on ISO 9001 Quality Management System LEAD Auditor Course, ISO 45001 Lead Auditor Course and ISO 14001 Lead Auditor Course.

Training Fee covers Training, Examination and Certificates.

Take hold of this opportunity now. Do not be left out.

To register, send us a direct what’sapp message via_ bit.ly/Safetytrainings

For further enquiries, kindly call us via our contact details.

See you in class!

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