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What do you do when you get stuck in an elevator?

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There are lots of risk associated with use of elevators and it’s important to address these risks and advise appropriately on what to do when faced with any emergency situation.

Do note that it’s best to always minimize exposure to risks. That means if you are going to the first, second or third floor, it’s advisable to take the stairs unless you have other factors that warrants you to use the lift. Doing this is also a form of execise and exercise is also good for the body, mind and soul.

But if you have to use the elevator and you find yourself stuck in an elevator, it’s important to remain calm and follow these steps:

1. Press the Alarm Button: Most elevators have an emergency button or intercom system. Press it to alert the building management or monitoring service that you’re trapped. They will be able to assist you and send help.

2. Communicate: Use the intercom or call button to communicate with someone outside the elevator. Provide them with relevant information such as your location, the number of people with you, and any medical conditions that require immediate attention.

3. Stay Inside: Unless instructed otherwise by emergency personnel, it’s generally safest to stay inside the elevator until help arrives. Modern elevators are designed to be a safe space, and exiting without proper assistance can be dangerous.

4. Stay Calm and Reassure Others: Remaining calm is essential, especially if there are other people in the elevator with you. Help keep everyone calm by reassuring them that assistance is on the way.

5. Avoid Attempting to Open Doors: Trying to force the elevator doors open can be hazardous, as the elevator car may not be level with the floor. It’s best to wait for professional help to arrive.

6. Use Available Resources: If the elevator has an emergency phone or intercom, use it to communicate with the building staff or emergency services. They can offer guidance and keep you updated on the progress of the rescue.

7. Be Patient: While being stuck in an elevator can be stressful, remember that help is on the way. Elevator technicians or emergency responders will work to resolve the situation as quickly and safely as possible.

It’s worth noting that these steps are general guidelines, and it’s important to follow any specific instructions provided by emergency personnel or the elevator’s communication system.

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