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Qodar Safety Consults is committed to addressing the needs of our clients and providing superior environmental, health and safety solutions to various business challenges. Our solutions protects the workforce, equipment and the public from the adverse effects of health and safety hazards generated by work activities and the environment. Based on our evaluations, We generates recommendations that cost-effectively achieve safe and healthy solutions and high level productivity.
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Stay behind to watch over all... Take responsibility... All workers, visitors, equipment, the plant, documents, factory, company and the environment at large are in your care. Its the safety risk of we safety officers.. Meanwhile you need to show that you are multi-faceted by joining hands with what other professionals in your company does. This is what is expected of safety professionals
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Qodar Safety Consults.... At your service Always... We deliver various In-Company trainings on various health and safety related courses, effective management courses such as psychological safety, mental well-being, coping techniques, active listening, among others. We have been tested and trusted by one of the most Industrious financial institution in Nigeria.
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We are young and capable. We are affordable... And our trainings are highly efficient and effective on the total workforce. A trial will surely lead to a permanent engagement... We look forward to having us in your organization.
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Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment Course

Risk assessment is a systematic process of identifying hazards and evaluating any associated risks within a workplace,

then implementing reasonable control measures to remove or reduce them. Risk assessment is a primary management

tool in ensuring the health and safety of employees, employers, equipment and the environment. What many people

perhaps are not aware of, however, is that they are actually a legal requirement for employers and certain self-employed

people. The course will take delegates through the process of hazard identification, understanding of risk concept, risk

assessment process, and risk assessment flowchart.

Furthermore, delegates will be trained on how to conduct risk assessment, carrdelegatest risk evaluation, how to use

the risk assessment matrix. Delegates will also be guided through the hierarchy of Safety Controls. A template of risk

assessment document will also be provided. This is course for all professionals who wish to refresh their knowledge and

skills in risk assessment.

This training can be delivered physically, virtually and online as it has been pre-recorded from our live paid training

sessions and made available for everyone who finds it difficult to attend training courses due to busy schedule. E

learning is the easiest and fastest way to get competence. Course can be performed right after the purchase.


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